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Paradise Toys Large Cotton Preening Ring, 12-Inch W by 14-Inch L

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Product Description

Paradise Toys Cotton Preening Ring is bound to be a favorite hangout for your best bird friend. The fun, bright colors of the ring will attract Birdy like a moth to a flame. The ring is a multi-tool interaction accessory for birds; they can preen themselves for hours on the vibrantly colored cotton swatches, which helps reduce stress and boredom as well as giving them something to chew on endlessly. Afterwards, your bird can snuggle up to the soft fabric and swing a bit while enjoying the good bird life. Buy a Paradise Toys Cotton Preening Ring today and keep your favorite bird friend happy and relaxed.


  • Birds Enjoy Preening with this Great Toy; they love having a soft, secure place to Snuggle Up and Feel Safe and Relaxed; choose the best size for your Conure, Senegal, Cacique, Pionus, African Grey, Amazon, Small Cockatoo, and similar size parrot
  • The Exceptionally Vivid Color Cloth of the Cotton Preening Ring encourages Mr. or Ms. Bird to hang out and do fun bird stuff like Preening, Chewing, and Swinging To and Fro
  • The soft, warm, cotton fabric will Make the Ring a Favorite Toy for your fine feathered friend; it's comfortable and just a fantastic Place to Rest or Hide
  • Your favorite bird pal will Love the Shape and Feel of the Soft Material; many Happy Carefree Hours will be spent pulling and chewing; as with all cotton toys, you should Trim the Frayed Edges as needed to Keep Everything Tidy
  • Made from Pet Safe Materials, including 100 percent cotton; colorful preening ring comes with a Quick Link Fastener for Easy Attachment to the cage so your bird pal can have Plenty of Fun while Grooming


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