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Creative Foraging Systems Foraging Wheel, 6-Inch Diameter

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Product Description

By observing your parrot, you will quickly see that birds really prefer "working" to obtain their food.It’s fun to watch them searching, seeking, pecking, poking, scratching, finding, and munching the food. This foraging wheel is more than just a feeder for your fine feathered friend; it’s a puzzle that makes them work for their dinner and keeps their minds stimulated. Wild birds spend the majority of their time looking for food, it keeps them busy and mentally sharp. Most pet birds get their food in a bowl delivered by a large human hand and there isn’t much of a challenge for Birdy in that. So, they get bored and become an annoying pain-in-the-neck. The foraging system was designed to keep your feathered pal engaged and happy.Your bird will work hard to search, seek, peck, poke, and remove the food and treats visible through the openings. Buy a Paradise Toys Creative Foraging Systems Wheel today to keep your favorite bird happy and engaged.


  • Avian Veterinarians Recommend Daily Food Foraging to reduce boredom; this Clear and Unique Spinning Refillable Foraging Wheel with see-through construction is a recommended supply for Large Conures, Caciques, Amazons, Parrots, small Cockatoos, and Mini Macaws
  • Your Bird Will Love to Forage for Various Food that you put in the separate chambers of the wheel; Watch Them Spin the Wheel and enthusiastically attack the chamber of their choice; its built to Challenge and Amuse your bird for hours and hours
  • This Food Reward System is designed to Keep Birdy Busy and Happy; Fill the wheel full with a variety of food and it may help reduce undesirable behavior such as Feather Picking and Screaming when used in conjunction with other foraging toys to keep your lovely bird Mentally Stimulated
  • The durable, long lasting polycarbonate materialforaging wheel Mounts Easily on Any Cage and is Easy to Refill whenever it's time for Birdy to eat and have some fun; made from Pet Safe Material, it's easy to clean and maintain with mild soap and water
  • Curious Parrots will be Tantalized by this Entertaining and Delightful Bird Forager Wheel Canister; your pet bird will learn that Removing the Food Pelletsthat are visible through the openings is stimulating, fun, and rewarding because they get to eat when they work for it


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