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Cute French Bulldog

Basic Dog Care

Today we’re just going to post a short article to introduce you to basic dog care. This is ideal for people who are thinking about getting a dog and would like to get an idea in what is involved in its care. First you should decide if a dog is the right pet for you. […]

Ruby Cat - A look at cat flaps and pet doors

Best Cat Flaps and Pet Doors for Cats and Dogs

Today we’ll be looking at a collection of cat flaps and pet doors to suit both cats and dogs. For many pet owners being able to give their pet the freedom to come and go is paramount, so getting a pet door can be a major decision. The pet doors and cat flaps reviewed here […]

This is one Funny Cat Video that you must see

This is one Funny Cat Video that you must see

I was having a bad day at work, and then I watched this video. I laughed so hard and my mood was elevated through the roof! Fave funny cat video of the year!

Petfusion Cat Scratcher Lounge

Petfusion Cat Scratcher Lounge

Just wanted to write a quick review about the Petfusion Cat Scratcher Lounge because my two cats absolutely LOVE it!

They love to lay around on it and hide toys in it. I’m amazed at how much time they spend on it. If I’m ever looking for them I know exactly where to find them!

Baby Bulldog puppy practicing its howling

Baby Bulldog puppy practicing its howling

As if Bulldogs weren’t already cute enough check out this baby Bulldog puppy trying to howl for the very first time. Guaranteed to melt your heart.



Haha, this video had me in tears.

Watch what happens when this cat realizes he’s been busted.

Love it at 0:25…. dawns on him that he’s being watched…. slowly closes the drawer (“I wasn’t doing anything wrong”) and sneakily backs away.

The look on his face… priceless!

Cats are smart…. they certainly know when they’re in trouble!

New Kitty

Bringing a new kitty home

Today we’re going to talk about bringing a new kitty home and important things you can do to make the transition as smooth as possible. Many cats are returned to shelters because a lot of people think they can just pick up a cat, deposit it into their living room and the cat will instantly […]


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