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Ruby Cat - A look at cat flaps and pet doors

Best Cat Flaps and Pet Doors for Cats and Dogs

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Today we’ll be looking at a collection of cat flaps and pet doors to suit both cats and dogs. For many pet owners being able to give their pet the freedom to come and go is paramount, so getting a pet door can be a major decision. The pet doors and cat flaps reviewed here are all DIY installable and affordable.

So let’s have a look…


Cat Mate 4 Way Locking Cat Flap (with or without door liner) – Cats

For the price this is a fantastic cat flap that is functional and made from high quality materials. There are two versions available, the standard size, good for panel or screen doors. And the version with the door liner, which is perfect for thick wooden doors. The cat flap also features a 4 way locking system…. open from both sides, locked from both sides, locked from inside and locked from outside. So full control over how your cat enters and exits the house. Very easy to install and comes with full instructions, including a template you use to cut the correct sized hole in your door. Overall this is one of the most popular standard cat flaps on the market and very affordable. Available in white or brown to complement your home.

Cat Mate 4 Way Locking Cat Flap, White

Cat Mate 4 Way Locking Cat Flap, White

(as of 01/25/2019 at 14:11 GMT)



Cat Mat Electromagnetic Cat Flap – Cats

This is identical to the Cat Mate 4 Way Locking Cat Flap (see above) except for one major difference. It has a built-in electronic “doorman” who will only allow your cat inside. This is achieved by a small electronic tag that fits on to your cat’s collar. When they approach the cat door this tag comes in to range of the electronic lock on the cat flap and allows the cat to pass. This door also includes the great 4 Way Locking system so you have full control. Full instructions for installation are included and it’s a very simple DIY project. It comes with 2 electronic tags, and more are available for purchase if needed. One 9 volt battery is also required. If you have a problem with neighborhood cats or other small animals getting into your house then this is the cat flap for you.



Ideal Pet Products Sash Cat Flap – Cats

If you’re looking to install your cat flap in a sash window then look no further than the Ideal Pet Products Sash Cat Flap. You simply slide your window open, place the cat flap in the opening and then close your window to seal it in. Easy and portable! Comes in a range of sizes to suit many windows. This door also features a 4 way locking system so you can control your cats in and out movements. Very high quality, will last for years. Available with a plastic 4-way locking flap, or a flexible and unbreakable flap.



Perfect Pet the All-Weather Energy Efficient Pet Door – Small – Cats and small dogs

A problem that many of us have with our pet doors is the heat or cool from our air conditioning systems escaping through the door. In some cases this can be the equivalent of opening and closing a door 4-5 a day. Think of how much energy that is wasting! This innovative pet door solves that problem by using two soft flaps instead of one. This creates an air pocket between the two resulting in an energy efficient insulator. Keeping the comfort inside, and the weather outside. The frame is adjustable, meaning it can installed in many sized doors. And it also comes with a sliding cover so you can block of the pet door altogether. This is the perfect solution if you live in a very cold, or very hot, climate.


Perfect Pet the All-Weather Energy Efficient Pet Door – Extra Large – Big dogs

This is the same as the small All Weather Pet Door above in that it contains two flaps to create an energy efficient insulator to cut down on your heating and cooling bills. This one has an opening that measures 15” x 23.5” so it’s for serious dogs! Easy to install and has an optional wall kit available.


Petsafe Staywell 4-Way Locking Flap – Cats and small dogs

A fantastic option for the budget conscious, this cat flap will install in just about any sort of door. Suitable for glass doors or windows and wooden, metal & PVC doors or any thickness. Installation is very easy and comes with very easy to follow instructions. Has a 4-way lock to control kitty’s movements and is suitable for both small and cats, we well as small dogs. We also think it looks great! Made from highly durable materials this cat flap will last a long, long time.


We have many more pet doors in various colors and sizes to suit all budgets. Please see our full selection.






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