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About Us

Ruby Cat Kitten with TrolleyRuby Cat was born from a love of animals and the appreciation of valuing the furry members of our families.

The name, Ruby Cat, comes from an orange persian that I had the pleasure of spending part of my life with. He had such a unique personality. Shy and timid, but also curious and affectionate.

As the owner and as a pet parent and animal lover I wanted to put my time and effort into creating something that would feed my passion and make me happy.

Our pets give us so much joy and happiness and are fantastic for our health, both physical and mental. We should cherish and respect our pets as they hold such a dear place in our hearts. Making their lives comfortable, healthy and well can also do wonders for our inner self-confidence and self-esteem.

At Ruby Cat our mission is to provide you, wherever you are in the world, with great quality pet products at the lowest prices.

All orders from our online shop will be processed by Amazon, the world’s most renowned and largest online retailer.

We use Amazon so that you can be fully confident that by using our online store your information and details are guaranteed to be safe. It also enables us to offer our products on an international scale.

Your buying experience is backed by a highly professional customer service team available 24/7 and your purchase will be covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

You can rest easy knowing that your purchase at RubyCat is 100% safe, 100% fast and 100% guaranteed.

We want to offer a great range of different products for all different sorts of pets. Initially we had products to suit Cats and Dogs, but have recently branched out to include Fish & Aquatics, Birds and Small Animals.

Everything your pet needs is available including Apparel, Bedding, Food, Collars, Grooming, Toys, Housing and Health supplies such as flea and tick control. Your fur or scale baby will love you for it.

We only list pet products that we consider to be top quality and well priced, to ensure that we provide only the best experience for our customers.

We also endeavor to be a rich resource of information such as pet care. So we offer a range of articles, along with some entertainment, at our Pet Hub.

If you’re looking for something and are unable to find it please Contact Us. We can let you know if it’s available, and can even add it to our product line on request.

We hope that you enjoy Ruby Cat and trust that you’ll come back again. Tell your family and friends too! Send us some feedbackWe’d love to hear from you!

Ruby Cat

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